I AM Kids Yoga Summer Camp at The Yogi Tree Center for Growth will nurture Yogic ideals in a fun kid kinda way. Sometimes DIRECTLY through short lectures but mostly through the many fun activities we have developed to give your kids the best experience possible.

We have a unique and fun way of teaching cultural diversity, tolerance, embracing all religions and developing a love for self through our very own songs and stories. We will enjoy yoga, dance, theater, games, arts and crafts, cooking and free play with different themes woven in through out the summer.

Our children experience a lot more stress in their daily lives than we realize. They are bombarded with information in the technology age and are not always sure how to process it. In kids yoga camp we will unplug and help them reconnect and ground themselves. We will rediscover nature and use the guiding principles of Peace, Love, Sharing, Celebrating Diversity, Compassion & Kindness.