The Yogi Tree Center for Growth mission is to inspire you to live, learn and grow with vitality and purpose. We are a community driven center that offers specialty healing services and yoga classes to help you create an uplifting, supportive daily practice and a healthy, meaningful lifestyle.

We offer classes for beginners to experienced yogis and healing services in a unique blend of styles and traditions. Our classes, community-building activities, special events, and workshops are designed to meet you where you are at and support you as you grow. Some of our specifically designed classes, services and events include Kundalini yoga, family development yoga, hypno-yoga, inspirational and educational film screenings, live music, men and women‚ groups and healing services in our beautiful healing room. We look forward to meeting you at The Yogi Tree.

Message From the Founder

I started yoga when I was pregnant with my oldest son 17 years ago and was able to experience a beautiful homebirth using the yoga techniques I had learned in classes with Gurmukh Khalsa. I loved the yoga, the breathing and the community. It was not like anything I had ever experienced before. I did not know anyone else who lived like this, talked like this or ate like this. It was a whole new language and way of life, very foreign to my modest, more conservative and Christian upbringing in a small town in New Jersey. I didn't understand what the teachers were talking about most of the time, but being a stubborn type "A" personality I was determined to learn. I asked questions, read, took trainings, and became a teacher.

My journey is still unfolding and the learning is endless, but this path inspired my vision. I wanted to create a space that could support others through their journey in a more complete way. A center that is a one stop shop‚ so to speak, supporting and inspiring others on a path of transformation and a new way of living. Out of this vision, The Yogi Tree Center for Growth was born.


Jennifer Kelly