We inspire students to live, learn and grow with vitality and purpose.  We are a community driven center that offers specialty healing services and yoga classes to help you create an uplifting, supportive daily practice and a healthy, meaningful lifestyle.

We offer classes for beginners to experienced yogis and healing services in a unique blend of styles and traditions. Our classes, community-building activities, special events, and workshops are designed to meet you where you are at and support you as you grow.  Some of our specifically designed classes, services and events include Kundalini yoga, pre and post natal yoga, family yoga, hypno-yoga, inspirational and educational film screenings, live music, men and women’s groups and healing services in our beautiful lifestyle medicine center.

The Yogi Tree looks for opportunities to improve awareness, become more sustainable 
and uplift the community.  This is a space where you can lay down your roots to a higher truth.

You will fit right in to our warm, family style environment.  We look forward to growing with you at The Yogi Tree.